With the numerous web design companies on the Wirral and even more across the North West, you are probably wondering why you should use Wirral Wide Web Design? Well take a look at the Top 10 reasons below and decide for yourself!

1. Wirral Wide Web Design Will  Always Go That Extra Mile

A  lot of companies say it but it is something I firmly believe in.

Ask any one of my clients and they will all tell you how I have exceeded their expectations, gone that extra mile and ensured they have been more than happy with the final product. The vast majority of my work is from referrals and that’s because I truly believe in providing excellent service to everyone – and that a happy client is one who will always recommend!

2. Competitive Pricing

One of the biggest advantages of using Wirral Wide Web Design, especially in todays current economic climate, is the prices I charge. Compared to large web design companies that have overheads, staff and other expenses, I can offer the same product for a lower price. Does that mean the packages I offer are inferior? Please read below…

3. You Will Get An Excellent Final Product – Out Of Necessity! 

I started Wirral Wide Web Design in 2004 and while a lot of small businesses have come and gone since then, I have managed to survive the economic recession. Why? Because of several reasons, but the main one is providing an excellent product time and time again.

As I have already mentioned, although you may be paying less, the final product is still of an excellent standard. This is because I have had to maintain this high level of service – I certainly wouldn’t still be trading today if I offered anything less than outstanding customer service, fantastic websites and a real passion for helping clients realise their online potential!

4. My Personal Service Is Second To None

A big advantage with using myself to design, create and implement your website is my personal service and understanding of the project.

When you are getting something as important as your website created – something which is representing you and your business online – then it is extremely important that you know who you are talking to. There’s no need to talk to different people such as the researcher, designer, consultant or supervisor on a project as important as yours because you will be talking to me, the person who you will be working with on the project and the person who will take on board everything you say and understand exactly what it is you want and need.

5. I Will Complete Your Project Quicker Than Most

Web design is my passion. I love creating websites and seeing them online, and it is something I have enjoyed doing since I was 14 years old! If you ask any of my clients most will comment on how fast I have delivered the final product. Why is this? It’s because I am highly motivated and will work long hours, not because a project needs finishing but because I enjoy doing it! Do I spend more time on projects than I probably should? Perhaps! But I don’t see it as work!

6. I Want To Work With You!

Every web design job I undertake is more than just a job or project to me, it is an experience! I love web design but what I also love is meeting new, interesting and inspirational people. I get to work with business owners in all kinds of industry sectors and it is great to work with some of the most motivated, hard-working and interesting people around the North West.

I have stayed in touch with the vast majority of my clients and built up a good relationship with them, with some even visiting me when I my first born child arrived into the world!

7. I’m Not “Available” From Just 9am to 5pm

Do you want to schedule a meeting in the evening? Can you only see me at the weekend? Do you need to discuss your website needs late at night? No problem!

I am flexible as I need to be. The needs of my clients comes first and I will always schedule things around you. I understand that life isn’t 9 to 5 and sometimes you’re only available later on in the day. Or perhaps you’re just too busy during the week to have a meeting. None of that is a problem as I am available most of the time!

My clients will also tell you that at times they’ve called me late at night when they’ve needed to get in touch – if I’m awake then I’ll answer!

8. I’m Always Available By Phone or E-mail

Touching on the above point, my availability isn’t restricted to normal working days or hours. I’m usually up at the crack of dawn and work late so if you need me for whatever reason then I’m available. Even at the times when I’m not available because I’m in meetings then I always respond to voicemails as soon as the next opportunity arises.

You’re not left in limbo – and not calling up a receptionist who may or may not take a message which might take a few days to get a response from!

9. You’ll Always Be Informed

I am very organised and always keep clients up-to-date on how their projects are progressing, keeping them informed of any progress along the way. I have a commitment to ensure you’re always in the loop and that helps me make sure what I deliver is exactly what you want – with no confusion or unexpected surprises!

10. I’m Always 100% Honest

I’ll be quite frank, I’m not a salesman and although I am offering a service, “selling” has never been my forté. In fact, I have talked some clients into saving money on a project because I honestly believed that the higher-cost option wasn’t necessary for them – and my reasoning was that for a start-up business they can always ‘see how it goes’ before investing into a more sophisticated and expensive website.

Of course, each individual has different needs but I will always be completely honest and draw conclusions from my own experiences with companies, business and organisations over the last 15 years to offer the best possible solution for my client.