Along with a well-planned, targeted social media and online marketing campaign, Google, Facebook and Instagram ads are a great way of promoting a specific product, service or event online to a specific audience.

Wirral Wide Web Design can help you grow your website, social media profiles and ultimately your business using a combination of Google, Facebook and Instagram ads. When planned, executed and maintained correctly, these ads can greatly compliment your already thriving online presence.

In a nutshell, the advantages to advertising on these platforms are:

Google Ads:

  • Targeted advertising to specific demographics
  • Google AdWords work quicker than SEO
  • Ads which appear at the top of the page get immediate visibility
  • You and turn on (and off) your campaign whenever you want
  • Guaranteed to boost traffic to your website
  • Google AdWords allows for targeted e-mail campaigns
  • Link your Google Analytics account for more detailed user behaviour


  • Over 80% of all Internet users are on Facebook
  • People check Facebook several times per day
  • It is the cheapest form of targeted online marketing – they are currently underpriced!
  • They have proven to increase revenue, sales and leads
  • Facebook advertising drives user engagement
  • You will reach far more people than you ever will with a regular post


  • Over 34% of Instagram users have used the platform to make an online purchase
  • Instagram ads are some of the most advanced, in terms of marketing to a specific audience
  • Allows you to build a following and relationship with your customers
  • Instagram’s user base allows you to tap into untapped customers and markets
  • It is a visual platform which lets you show off your brand

If you would like more information about Google, Facebook and Instagram ads, then please get in touch.